Children's Minerals and Vitamins Are Important for Their Growth

Children need nutrition so that their growth and development go well. For this reason, the intake of essential nutrients, including children's vitamins and minerals, must be included in their daily diet. In order to be able to perform various activities, the child's body needs carbohydrates, protein, fat, and various vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals can be obtained by consuming a variety of different types of food. Important Children's Vitamins for Growth and Development The following vitamins and minerals that are needed by the child's body: Vitamin A So far, vitamin A is known to play an important role for eye health. Vitamin A does help us see in the dark and distinguish between colors. However, not only that the benefits of vitamin Vitamin A also plays a role in skin health, helps the immune system work against infections properly, supports the development and growth of children, and repair bones and tissues. Vitamin A can be obtained
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